Until NIGHTSTICK™, today's professional flashlights functioned just like their predecessors developed over 90 years ago. Quality and pattern of light, as well as poor durability and limited run times have historically created limitations that professionals simply had to live with. Most of these limitations have been frustrating...some are unacceptably dangerous to the professionals who must rely on their lights to keep them safe. Bayco has created an entire product line that changes all of that, forever...NIGHTSTICK™.

Resulting from extensive market research, Bayco confirmed that public safety professionals were eager for flashlight solutions that offered significantly more reliability, real-world utility and above all, enhanced personal safety. Failing bulbs, short run-times, long charge times, poor quality and unusable patterns of light were no longer acceptable.

NIGHTSTICK™ represents the next generation in Public Safety flashlights, incorporating the BAYCO exclusive Flashlight • Floodlight • Dual-light capability. Everything else, is just a flashlight.

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